Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: A Guide to Breeding and EV Training

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Starters
The Cozy Nerd | December 22, 2022 Video Games

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has made Pokemon Breeding and the hunt for perfect IV's (or near perfect). To start, I would recommend finishing the main story of the game, and get through the tournament at the end of the game and unlock 5 and 6-star Raids. Once you get to this point in the post-game, you'll be able to really get your Pokemon Breeder suit on and running.

Get the Items You'll Need

To start, you'll need to get the following items:

  • Destiny Knot - Available at the various Delibird Presents shop for 20,000.
  • Everstone - Available at the various Delibird Presents shop for 3,000.
  • Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, and Power Anklet - Available at the various Delibird Presents shop for 10,000 each.
  • Various Sandwich fixings

Breeding in Simple Steps

Once you have all the items, you'll need either a female of the Pokemon you want to breed and get, a male that is compatible (I suggest using Serebii's site to quickly look up the compatability), or getting a Ditto. Only have in your party the two Pokemon you want to breed, otherwise it would take much longer to get the breeding that you want. Give one the Destiny Knot, and if one of the Pokemon have a specific stat that you want to pass down, give them the correlating item that would help boost their EV stats, so the Egg will be guaranteed to have that stat.

Example: I have a Ditto with 4 Best Stats in HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed, and a Fuecoco that has just a Best stat in Special Attack. I would give the Destiny Knot to Ditto, and a Power Lens to Fuecoco. This will guarantee that the Eggs hatched from these two will have the Best Special Attack stat, and 4 other stats coming from the parents (if I didn't give Fuecoco the Power Lens, then it would be 5 stats from both parents). By doing this, it'll help guarantee one Best Stat, and the random hope that at least 3 (and really hoping all 4) of the 4 other stats coming from the Parent are going to be the Best ones from Ditto. This would give me a new Fuecoco with 5 Best stats and one random stat.

Selection of Sandwiches from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Pokemon SV - Food Vendor
Sandwiches are your best friend for
Breeding & EV Training.

Go outside away from a town and setup a Picnic. Make a sandwich that has Egg Power as a benefit. I suggest the Super Peanut Butter Sandwich, as it gives you Egg Power Lv 2. Then wait at the picnic and check in on the basket there every 2 - 3 minutes and empty it out of eggs. Note that the basket can only hold up to 10 eggs at a time, and with the power on, it'll fill up quickly. You can keep on emptying out the basket in the same picnic to fill up your boxes. I've been able to get 60 eggs out of one full setting. Know too that every time you check the basket, it resets the timer for how long it'll take for an egg to show in the basket.

Once you have enough eggs, swap out your breeding pokemon for eggs in the party and put a Pokemon that has something like Magma Armor or Flame Body as the leader, and begin running around. Usually after a minute, the eggs will begin hatching. Once all hatched, check out their stats using the Judge Ability in the boxes.

Typically, If I have two Pokemon that begin the process with one having 4 Best Stats and the other having 5 or 6 Best Stats, I just have to do this process once, and this is about 30 minutes full time. If I have two Pokemon that begin the process with one having at least 4 Best Stats, and the other random stats, It would take about 3 full rounds of breeding (taking the best stated Pokemon from each round as the new parents to start the next round) to get Pokemon with at least 5 Best stats. This usually takes about 2 - 2.5 hours.

Best Way to EV Train

EV training can be a bit tedious, but also very easy and quickly done, thanks to items and sandwiches, as well as just getting easy knockouts of beginning area Pokemon. Usually full EV training and maxing out two full stats takes about 20 minutes, thanks to the following steps:

  1. Equip the Pokemon you want to EV train the appropriate items. Example, if you want to EV train your Pokemon in Attack, give each of them the Power Bracer. The following items will train your Pokemon in these stats: 
    • Power Bracer: Attack
    • Power Belt: Defense
    • Power Lens: Special Attack
    • Power Band: Special Defense
    • Power Weight: HP
    • Power Anklet: Speed 
  2. Depending on what you want to train, eat a sandwich that would guarantee a more frequent type of Pokemon, and then begin hunting. Here is a good breakdown of what Pokemon to hunt, where to find them, and the sandwich you should eat:
EV Pokémon Location Recommended sandwich
HP Paldean Wooper, Azurill, Lechonk South Province (Area One) Ham Sandwich (#80)
Attack Yungoos and Shinx South Province (Area Three) Avocado Sandwich (#44)
Defense Tarountula and Scatterbug South Province (Area One) Jambon-Buerre (#1)
Special Attack Psyduck South Province (Area One) Zesty Sandwich (#56)
Special Defense Spoink South Province (Area Three) Smoky Sandwich (#92)
Speed Rookidee and Fletchling South Province (Area One) Egg Sandwich (#60)

Each of these Pokémon grant one EV per K.O. or catch, but you can boost this significantly by letting your Pokémon hold power items. With a power item, your Pokémon will instead gain nine EVs per K.O. or catch the above Pokémon. Each Pokémon in your party will gain EVs because of the permanently-activated Exp. Share. With all of this, it takes 28 battles per stat to raise it be the best possible max of 252 EV's.

You do not get EVs from autobattling.