A Little About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my personal site! While I'm just starting to get things off the ground, I wanted to do a small introduction as to who I am and what this site is for.

My name is Michael. I live in the United States, on the West Coast. I'm happily married (going 15 years strong!) to an amazing woman. I work as an Application Developer, mostly focused within Web Applications & Website CMS', focusing mostly within PHP, Grails, & Drupal. While I'm not working, I'm an avid gamer (both video games & table top), TV & movie enthusiast, & anime / cartoon watcher.

This site is my little slice of the internet, where I can post and talk about things that are interesting to me. Here you'll find things like my opinions / reviews on games, movies, & tv shows; my thoughts on technology, and just... whatever. I know a lot of people online have many other things like a full YouTube Channel, Twitch Streaming, Online Stores, etc. As of now, I'm not planning any of this, yet. The reason is that there's so much time and energy that goes into those things and I don't want to stretch myself so thin that I get burned out on all of it. But who knows, I may do them... someday.

So please enjoy your stay here. Leave a comment or two should you feel inclined. And remember... let's just go out and have some fun! ^_^

Let's Play some Games!

If you would like to join me in some fun game-time, please feel free to add me as your friend. Just let me know who you are and that you found out through this site.