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Enabling APCu on DreamHost Servers with PHP 8

May 17, 2022 | The Cozy Nerd | Technology

Now that PHP7.4 is coming to an EOL (End of Life) at the end of this year, many are upgrading to PHP8. I needed to do this for not only this site, but some other projects that were still running on PHP7.4. Thankfully, DreamHost made the upgrade process from PHP7.4...

Cloudflare + DreamHost + Drupal - A User's Experience

May 4, 2022 | The Cozy Nerd | Technology

I've used DreamHost as my hosting service for many years now. They've always been reliable, helpful, and never had much of any kind of problem with their service. A few years ago, they partnered up with CloudFlare, allowing some seamless integration and communication between the two services (as well as...

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